Monday, 16 March 2009

To My Violinist........

From the mysteries of forest,
Along with the whispered wind,
A solo harmony awakes me in the mid of night,
Calling my name in a waltz over and over
The rhythm of melody is a record of my heart beats….

Oh, Master of violin,
Are you serenading me?
Beneath a tree with all your dreams
When the night is calm and peaceful
When the moon is in its magical edge,
And everything is under a charm
You alone untouched by the aura
Tuning your love on a violin

And you play, with all your heart and soul,
You play like you don’t know how to stop
You saw your dreams in my heart,
You treasure your love in my memories
Every tune of your violin enlightens my soul,
And I fall for you more deep each time

Oh, my mysterious violinist,
Don’t you know, it is not the violin you play
That my heart is on your hand….

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